The New World of VR is changing the way Rentals are being Marketed

For Property Management and Rental Companies

     No College student in the Five College area or a person looking to sign a one year lease or longer would want to be taken all over town based on overly flattering pictures of an apartment where unappealing areas are selectively left out of the photographs of the property. Hearing the parent of a college student say "There is no way my son or daughter is staying here" or "This looks nothing like the pictures online"  is the last thing a property management company or agent wants to hear and the customer wants to think. 

     College students and their parents often drive hours to a college campus with their child to view properties and only have a limited amount of time to find the right apartment. As millennials are technically savvy, they are much more likely to prefer to view potential properties through a virtual tour or a 3D map format before reaching out and making a phone call to your business. By taking advantage of this emerging technology, at least you know that you are doing everything possible to market your rental properties effectively.   A 3D map or virtual tour of the properties you are looking to rent saves time and money. More time spent with clients who have a clear understanding of the property makes for happier college students [and their parents] as well as a more productive staff for your Property Management or Rental Company.

     During the Covid era, most property management companies will not get a second chance to display their apartments for rent if they fail miserably on their first attempt. 

      A VR/360 degree tour  blends 360 degree photography with modern technology so that prospective clients can go online and view every corner and area of a home or rental property. Allowing the customer to freely look around a home or apartment before they commit to making a trip out to that location can save time for potential renters and real estate agents. Being able to scan every corner of each room in a home can give prospective clients a much more realistic understanding of the property that they may seek to make their own or spend their vacation at. The final product our service provides allows a full 360 degree range of motion with or without a VR headset and can be viewed using a personal computer, a tablet, and even a smart phone.  These tours are vastly superior to older formats such as taking numerous pictures or doing a video walk through in and around a property. To view our sample tours, please click here. 

     3D map of a property is made by scanning the interior of a home to create a full three dimensional model of the inside of a home instead of using 360 degree photography. The end result is a full 3D model of a home that allows a user to practically walk through a home as if they were in a video game. 

     We view Matterport as the gold standard in 3D mapping services and use their products to create the finest 3D models available today at affordable prices. Any other business offering Matterport tours is essentially offering the same product, the decision on which company to use comes down to price, reliability, and turnaround time. We are confident we outmatch the competition in each of these areas. To view some samples of 3D modeling provided by matterport, please click this link.

     If you would like to learn more about the benefits and limitations of 3D Mapping VS Virtual Tours, then please click on this link. 


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If you still have any questions, you can reach out to us day or night, seven days a week by contacting us directly. Thank you again for taking the time to learn about our services.


For Air BnB  and Vacation Rental Owners 

     The most common issue that can lead to a negative Vacation Rental review are overly flattering pictures of the rental property as well as misrepresenting features of that property. Only a few negative reviews about a Vacation Rental can lead to a downward spiral of potential customers not wanting to rent a property from you. Negative reviews may lead you to either having to accept less people wanting to stay at your rental or you having to lower your rates to generate new business.
      Separate your real estate listing or Air BnB rental from the rest by providing your clients with a professional looking virtual tour or 3D map of your home or apartment. Creating a virtual tour or 3D map of your vacation rental allows for anyone on the internet to take an interactive tour of your vacation rental. Avoid negative reviews by allowing every possible customer to freely move around your property in advance before they set foot on your rental property. 

     If you own an Airbnb or similar type of Vacation rental property, our company offers a service that involves creating Virtual tour of that property that can also contain "informational hotspots". Having informational hotspots allows a user to click on a button that displays information to that potential guest to learn more information about your vacation rental property from within the tour. Highlighting landmarks around your vacation rental will likely make it easier for guests to find. In addition, being able to clearly show the locations of washers and dryers on the property, displaying where guest's can access the internet or recharge their devices in your virtual tour will separate your vacation rental property from the competition. A Virtual tour that is not misleading and highlights areas of interest in and around the property will most likely lead to favorable reviews and possibly a modest increase in the rate you can charge your guests. 

     For a vacation rental property that is approximately 1000 sq.ft. the cost will be $275.00 . For a vacation rental property that is approximately 2000 sq.ft the cost will be $350.00 .  For a home that is approximately 3000 sq.ft  the cost will be $475.00 . In the event you are looking to have a larger tour created for your property, we will need to speak with you over the phone and we will provide a written estimate.  The increase in price is due to the fact that as the size of the property increases, there is a longer length of time that it will take to capture all of the images on the property. An increase in the number of images leads to increased time that it will take our tour creators to assemble your Virtual tour. From start to finish  tour creation can take as little as 24 hours and generally will be provided within four business days. These prices do not include our travel fees, to view our travel fee policy, please click this link.

     To view a sample tour of one of our Air BnB listings, please Click Here.

     If you any additional questions and concerns we hope they can be answered by viewing our FAQ page.

     If you still have any questions, you can reach out to us day or night, seven days a week by contacting us directly. Thank you again for taking the time to learn about our services.

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