If you have a question about our booking video editing services that is not answered below, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 


How much will it cost to have my video edited?

     There is currently a flat rate of $500.00 to take your raw booking video and edit it into a final product that displays your client in the most positive light. 

When is payment due?

     Full payment is due prior to beginning any services on your project. 

What happens if you are unable to edit my video?
     In most cases, we are able to take either the booking video file along with the video player that the police department or District attorney’s office uses and convert that file into another editable format. Generally speaking, about 80% of the files we have worked on in the past can be converted to an editable format one way or another. 
     In the unfortunate event that we are unable to take your raw footage and covert it into an editable format, we will provide a full refund to you. 

How long does this process take?
     Once the video and payment is received, most projects will be completed in a week or less. Project times vary based on the length of the video, the number of edits that are required, and the size of the video file. In some cases it can take many hours for a file to be converted from one format to another. 
     If your project is time sensitive, it is essential that you notify us as to when the first draft must be provided. If we do not expect that we are able to meet your deadline, we will not waste your time and money. In the very unfortunate event that we miss a deadline that we previously agreed to, all of your money will be promptly returned to you along with our sincere apologies. 
     Again, in the unfortunate event that we are unable to take your video file and convert it into an edited final product, we will notify you of this issue as soon as we have exhausted every option and we will contact you to coordinate a full refund of your money. 

Does your final product work on PC / Apple / Android / IOS formats ?
    At the present time, we can only ensure that the final product will work on a windows based computer with a standard media player.  Although the final product may work on other platforms, we offer no guarantees that the final product will be playable on an Apple Device or an Android Cell phone.

    We attempt to provide a final product in an .mp4 file format.



Do you use any booking video for advertising purposes?

     Absolutely not. As a licensed attorney is Massachusetts, I am fully aware of all of the confidentiality issues regarding your client’s video and I will abide by them. Once a final approved product is provided to the customer, we will either return the original file to you if you desire, or we will delete or destroy it. If you are pleased with our services, we will hope that you provide positive feedback for us. 

Is the attorney or the client paying for this service?

     Every defense attorney that can punch their way out of a wet paper bag in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should have a clear fee agreement that clearly explains what services are covered by the initial fee paid to the lawyer and what services are additional services that will be required to be paid by the client. Many criminal defense attorneys gladly cover minor costs such as postage used to mail client’s correspondence and copies of documents. Expert services, including the use of a professional booking video editing service are often required to be paid by the client if the fee agreement clearly states so. In the end the answer lies with a candid discussion between the criminal defense attorney and the client.   Quite frankly, if a client raises a concern about wanting to have the booking video edited along with the client's willingness to pay for it and your attorney does not think that is a good idea, you may want to go get second opinion.

How do I get this edited video admitted into evidence during the trial of this matter?

     There are two options that I have used in the past that have been effective in getting these videos admitted.  The first option is to display the video to the ADA and or the Police Officer that conducted the booking and after they have an opportunity to review it, request that they stipulate that the edited booking video is “ a fair and accurate depiction of portions of the defendant’s booking video in chronological order”. If the ADA agrees to this, I would hope most judges would then allow the video to be admitted. 

     A second option is to play the video in front of the police officer that conducted the booking video and then ask that officer “Is the video you just reviewed a fair and accurate depiction of portions of the defendant’s booking video in chronological order?”.  If the officer states yes, then you should be able to have that video admitted during the trial of that matter. 

What services do you provide other than editing OUI booking videos for criminal defense attorneys in Massachusetts? 

     Happy Valley VR uses cameras that can capture 360 degree still images or videos well above 4K. Whether it is capturing images of the scene where a person performed field sobriety tests to show uneven ground and possibly a lack of lighting, or whether you need a video retracing the route of a driver prior to their being stopped by the police are just a few of the services we are capable of providing for your law office. 
     In addition, we are able to capture a crime scene in full 360 degree format, whether it is an area where a fight occurred, or an alleged surveillance location that may have an obstructed view. Allowing a full 360 degree range of motion allows for a trier of fact to view every angle of an area that you feel is important to presenting your client’s defense. 
     With the increasing use of VR headsets and 360 degree images, it may not be too long before we are asking judges or juries to put on a VR headset to review images and scenes in virtual reality. 

     The fees for these services will vary based on the travel time to location where the footage needs to be captured, the complexity of the requested service, and other factors. A contract will be formed detailing the specific services requested along with the price for these services. All fees must be paid in full prior to any service being performed by Happy Valley VR.  


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