Choosing between a Virtual Tour or a 3D Map.

Understanding the differences

     Learn more about Virtual Tours, 3D Mapping why both products are huge improvements over older technologies such as 2D Images, Virtual Open Houses, and Drones.   

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3D Mapping  [ Matterport ]

1. Tours start at $200 for a property under 2,500 square feet. [ Does not include any Travel Fees ]


2. Provides a superior interior view inside the home and ability to move around.


3. May take as long as 4 hours to capture all of the images. 


4. Turnaround time is generally less than two days.  

5. Has a very limited ability to capture the exterior of a property.

     3D map of a property is made by scanning the interior of a home to create a full three dimensional model of the inside of a home instead of using 360 degree photography. The end result is a full 3D model of a home that allows a user to practically walk through a home as if they were in a video game. 

     We view Matterport as the gold standard in 3D mapping services and use their products to create the finest 3D models available today at affordable prices. Any other business offering Matterport tours is essentially offering the same product, the decision on which company to use comes down to price, reliability, and turnaround time. We are confident we outmatch the competition in each of these areas. 

     To view some samples of 3D modeling provided by matterport, please click this link. 

     In our opinion, 3D mapping is ideal for marketing an apartment or townhouse. It is also ideal for homes where the focus of the tour is on the highlights inside the home and not exterior features. 

      3D mapping may not be the best option if the amount of time needed on the property to capture the images is an issue or if there are very attractive features on the exterior of the home such as a wraparound porch with a beautiful view, a fire pit, or a magnificently landscaped lawn that you would like to highlight. 

     Finally, if turnaround time is an issue, in most cases this product from start to finish should take less than two days.

3D Virtual Tours

1. Tours start at $200 for a property less than 2,500 square feet. [ Does not include any travel fees ]

2. Provides a good interior view comparable to using "Google Street View".

3. Images can be catured in as little as an hour and generally do not take more than two hours. 

4. Turnaround time can take between 2-4 days depending on the complexity of the project.

5. Tours can include the exterior of a property, allowing a user to move freely from the front yard to inside of the home.

     A virtual tour blends 360 degree photography with modern technology so that prospective clients can go online and view every corner and area of a home or rental property with or without a VR headset such as the Oculus Quest.

     The final product resembles a "Google Street View" type of look showcasing the exterior and interior of the property. This product allows a user to move from point to point throughout the interior rooms of a home as well as through each section of the exterior seamlessly.

     To view some of our Virtual Tours, please  click this link. 

     In our opinion, Virtual Tours are ideal for properties where there are large yards, large decks and porches, or beautiful vistas that you would like to showcase to potential clients. 

     If the property owner does not want anyone on their property for a long period of time, this product takes roughly half the time to capture the images when compared to 3D mapping. 

     After capturing the images, the 360 degree images need to be processed, converted into other file formats, and then manually linked together to create the tour. This is the main reason why this product has a longer turnaround time when compared to 3D mapping. 


What 3D Maps and Virtual Tours have in Common

1. Prices are almost always identical.  [ We can only speak for ourselves ]

2. Both products Provide a far superior product to 2D photographs and videos. 

3. Provides a "Virtual Open house" 24 hours a day.

4. Provides a far superior product to drone footage or a 2D video walkthrough. 

     In practically all cases, we charge the same price for both 3D Maps and for Virtual Tour creation.  Regardless of which one of our products you choose, these products are superior to all other types of Real estate marketing. We competitively price our products and they are often less than "Professional" Real Estate Photography using 2D Cameras.

     Why are these products superior to 2d Images, video walkthroughs, drone footage, and "virtual open houses" ? We are glad you asked. 

      2D images of a home can often be used to deceptively hide negative aspects of a property for sale by only taking images of parts of a property that look nice or are updated. When a potential buyer or renter realizes that an agent is being deceptive [whether intentionally or not], do you really think that they will continue to look at any more of your listings? If a property owner begins to realize that you are deceptively marketing their property, they could understandably move on to another agent and damage your reputation. 

       3D Mapping and Virtual Tours eliminate this issue completely. Both products capture a full 360 degree range of motion inside of each room of the home. A full 360 degree range of motion can be viewed in a web browser, a mobile device, a tablet, as well as a Virtual Reality headset such as the Oculus Quest. By allowing a potential customer this level of access into a home for sale or rent before they even step foot on the property, you are demonstrating your ability to accurately represent listings while not wasting the time of your clients. 

     2D videos being posted on your website or youtube channel may get you some likes, but you also run the same risk of being deceptive in not accurately representing a property.  In addition, most prospective buyers and renters would prefer to move around a virtual tour or 3D map at their own pace instead of having to continuously pause and rewind your video over and over again to try and figure out if they want to spend half a day viewing a property in person. 

     Drone footage may provide some "cute" videos of exterior views of a property but it does not come close to what a virtual tour can provide. A virtual tour provides the ability for a client to walk around the exterior of a property, at their own pace, and scan every view of each yard in a full 360 degree range of motion. 

     Finally, our products provide two major advantages over conducting a "Virtual Open House". The first major advantage is convenience. Once a 3D Map or virtual tour is completed it is available on the web to the world 24/7. A home owner does not have to leave their home for the day and the agent does not have to sit around a home waiting for interested customers to contact them. 

     The second major advantage of our products over "Virtual Open Houses" is that multiple people can view a 3D map or virtual tour at the same time. An agent conducting a virtual open house is limited to one camera, one phone, and one conversation at a time. If there is a second potential customer attempting to contact you while you are roaming around a home with a camera with the first customer, do you think that the second customer is going to be thrilled to "Virtually wait", or are they going to move onto viewing another home that is using 3D mapping or virtual tours. 

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