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     Please click the above image to view a recent MLS compliant listing in Massachusetts.


     Please click on the above image to take your first step into a Non MLS compliant VR Tour suitable for most Rentals and Businesses. 

What is a Virtual or VR Tour?

     A virtual tour blends 360 degree photography with modern technology so that prospective clients can go online and view every corner and area of a home or rental property with or without a VR headset such as the Oculus Quest. Allowing the customer to freely look around a home or apartment before they commit to making a trip out to that location can save time for potential homebuyers, renters and real estate agents.

     Being able to scan every corner of each room in a home can give prospective clients a much more realistic understanding of the property they may seek to make their own. The final product resembles a "Google Street View" type of look showcasing the exterior and interior of the property.

What is 3D Mapping ?

     3D mapping is made by scanning the interior of a home to create a full three dimensional model of the inside of a home instead of using 360 degree photography. The end result is a full 3D model of a home that allows a user to practically walk through a home as if they were in a video game. 

     We view Matterport as the gold standard in 3D mapping services and use their products to create the finest 3D models available today at affordable prices. Any other business offering Matterport tours is essentially offering the same product, the decision on which company to use comes down to price, reliability, and turnaround time. We are confident we outmatch the competition in each of these areas. 

     To view some samples of 3D modeling provided by matterport, please click this link.

Why Choose Happy Valley VR ?

     The Virtual Tours and 3D maps that we create allow your customers to either take a "Google street View" type of tour through the property or we can create a 3D model of a property that allows customers on a PC, smartphone, tablet, or VR Headset to walk through the tour as if they were in a video game. To learn about the differences between our 3D Mapping Services and Virtual Tour products, please click this link.

     Our Straightforward pricing allows to you know what a 3D mapping product or Virtual Tour will cost before you contact us. Don't waste time and money waiting for estimates from the competition. To view our no nonsense pricing click here. 

     Whether you are a real estate agent, a home seller, a property management company or someone looking to improve their Air BnB rental, Virtual tours and 3D mapping are a very cost effective and time saving methods of giving your property the best presentation possible to customers on the internet. 


     All of our products come with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Covid Protocols

Virtual Reality Videos and More...

During the Pandemic, we are using the following safe practices:

- Social Distancing

- Face coverings and rubber gloves

- Disinfectant Wipes to remove germs from any surface we come in contact with. 

   If you enjoy watching high resolution 2d and 360 degree videos that capture the beauty of the pioneer valley, lighthouses, and beaches across Massachusetts and Puerto Rico then please click the link the link below and it will take you to our Youtube channel.  If you enjoy our content then please follow the channel [HappyValley]  or give us a like. 


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